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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't Shrug your Shoulders

By George Velez of DHT

Throughout Lent, we are asked to fast and abstain from meat. We are asked to make sacrifices for the better of our souls. We are asked to pray and reflect on our lives and that of our Lord's Passion. Unfortunately, many walk around saying, 'What's the point?.' Or at least they act this way. They shrug their shoulders and continue about their day as though all is well. But, let's look at what many constantly shrug their shoulders to.

At the foot of the cross stood Jesus' mother, Mary, with great pain as she gazed upon her beloved son. The one whom she kissed, hugged and probably sung to sleep, was now hanging, beaten and lifeless, on the cross. But she knew. She knew from the moment she said, 'Let it be done to me according to your word,' (Luke 1:38) that she would have to give her precious boy away. So, for our sake, she watched her son suffer and die for us.

This is what many shrug their shoulders to! We say to her, 'Your son's death was no big deal.' Let us no longer shrug our shoulders at our Lord Jesus and his Mother, Mary, but rather embrace them. Let us help others embrace them, consecrating ourselves to their Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

Remeber, if we find it hard to fast and abstain now, how will we ever expect to overcome any of the greater spiritual hardships we may have in this life!


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