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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesus, Be My Lord & Savior

This section of the LAND OF ARTHANIUS is dedicated to youth and young adults who want to come closer to Jesus. Who desire to be more like Christ in the world – in their world. We call this section "Jesus, Be My Lord & Savior", inspired by the book “Imitation of Christ” and the words of Fr. Larry Richard’s, “Jesus cannot be your Savior, if He is not your Lord.” (From the Talk - The Truth)

We will be posting a small paragraph of the book, “Imitation of Christ”, and some thoughts, to help our Catholic youth and young adults become servants of the Lord. Join us in our discussion by sharing your thoughts or asking us a question based on the reflections. This can help many who come to visit this section on our site.

Pick up a copy of “Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A Kempis at your nearest Catholic Bookstore or Religious Goods store. Click here for stores in the New York area.

This book is available in Spanish and in LARGE PRINT! We recommend the Catholic Book Publishing Edition

DHT is also visiting parish groups to give talks on this subject. You are welcome to invite us through e-mail DEFENDERSOFTHEHOLYTRINITY@gmail.com or calling our message board – 646-262-3046

Title of the talk – “Jesus, Be My Lord and Savior” & “Jesus, Se Mi Señor y Salvador
Check out our Out & About With DHT section for details for this talk and other talks given by DHT


Reflections on the “Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A Kempis

- The Life of Thomas A Kempis
- Writings of Thomas A Kempis

Book 1: Useful Admonitions for the Spiritual Life

- On Following Christ Our Model
- On Having a Humble Opinion of Oneself
- On the Teaching of Truth
- On Being Prudent in What We Accept and Do
- On the Reading of Holy Scripture
- Concerning Inordinate Affections
- On false Confidence and Arrogance
- On Avoiding Too Much Familiarity
- On Being Obedient and Submissive
- On Avoiding Superfluous Words
- On How to Acquire Peace and on the Desire to Improve
- On the Advantage of Not Having Everything Our Own Way
- On Resisting Temptation
- On Avoiding Hasty Judgments
- On Works Done from the Motive of Charity
- On Bearing with the Defects of Others
- On the Religious Life
- On the Examples Given by the Fathers
- On the Exercises of a Good Religious
- On the Love of Solitude and Silence
- On compunction of heart
- On the consideration of Human Misery
- Meditation on Death
- On the Last Judgment and the Punishment for Sins
- On the Fervent Amendment of Our Whole Life


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