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Friday, December 01, 2006

Drumgoole Lecture Series

Once Again, DHT is proud to bring back the "Drumgoole Lecture Series" to the New York area. Since 2003, DHT has promoted a series of lectures to help youth and young adult leaders, catechists teachers, and parents learn about the Catholic Faith. In the past, DHT provided mini-lectures, mini-conferences, and movie nights to inspire Catholic leaders and families to live Christ in their hearts. By this, we hope that it would inspire people to come closer to Jesus our Lord.

Once again, with the help of the Trinity and the prayers of Fr. John Drumgoole we are proud to announce our new series for the year 2007. The theme we chose for this year is "GOD IS LOVE". You can click on the ICONS to get more information on the events. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! You can click on the ICONS to get more information on the events. Please feel free to spread the events to your groups, friends, and family. For more information on these events or if you would like a calendar, please contact us @:

Defenders of the Holy Trinity
St. Mary's Church 28 Attorney
New York, NY 10002
212-674-3266 / 646-262-3046


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