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Friday, October 01, 2010

Bringing Back "Catholic" to Halloween

Is Halloween really about ghouls, ghosts, vampires and the scary monsters we are so used to hearing about during this special day? In many ways, Catholics have lost the real sense of Halloween, that it's not about monsters, but about Holy People we honor who have given their lives for Jesus.

What is a saint? Why do we honor them? Important feast days like All Saints and All Souls day seems to be unimportant to some Catholics. How many of us know the reasons behind praying to saints or praying for the dead?

DHT dedicates this section to youth and young adults who want to inform their groups, classes, and parishes about the importance of this feast day. Let's celebrate the true meaning of Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls day, the way Jesus wanted it.

Topics On All Saints Day
- Ghouls, Ghosts and Vampires... NOT! Want to know what Halloween's About? By Juan Rodriguez - DHT
- Honoring our Supernatural Hero's - All Saints Day By Juan Rodriguez - DHT
- Who said they're dead? Saints Alive
- Keep your confusion, I'll Keep My Saint Pictures - On Images of Saints
- Holy "Hand me downs" - The Relics of the Saints
- Helping Hand from a friend - Praying to Saints
- Me, be a saint? Nah - Nothing is impossible with Christ.

Other Articles from our Friends:
- Praying to Saints: By Sebastian R. Fama – Stay Catholic
- Praying to the Saints: By Catholic Answers
- Saint Worship?: By Catholic Answers
- Do Catholic Worship Statues?: By Catholic Answers
- Statues & Holy Pictures: By Sebastian R. Fama – Stay Catholic
- Scapulars, Medals and Relics: By Sebastian R. Fama – Stay Catholic
- Relics: By Catholic Answers

Topics On All Souls Day

- Do you remember them? Honoring the Dead on All Souls DayBy Juan Rodriguez - DHT
- You Can Learn A lot from the Dead, if you just listened
- That's crazy, the dead pray for me too
- Like Steel Tested in Fire - Purgatory for youth and young adults

Other Articles from our Friends:

- Purgatory: By Sebastian R. Fama – Stay Catholic
- Purgatory: By Catholic Answers
- Roots of Purgatory: By Catholic Answers

Some Cool Ideas for Catholic Youth and Young Adult Groups

- Holyween: Reclaim the Celebration of All Saints: By Fr. Vincent Serpa O.P. (Catholic Answers Article)
- Prayers for All Saints
- Prayers for All Souls


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Amen to your great article on this.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Dan Gonzalez said...

I made a Catholic Halloween T-shirt!

12:46 PM  
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