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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Words to Remember

Words to Remember for those who are afraid to say
"I love you".

By Juan Rodriguez

How can I speak of you if you would not ask me?

How can I reach you if you would not come close?

Is it hard for you to hear someone say I love you,
or have these words become swallowed up by men of vain glory?

Time and time again I would love to say te amo,
but how can I say this to you if your heart
seeks shelter in an unknown land,
which you have not mapped the trail of your destiny.

Should I be afraid to tread with you? Can I embrace
the same calling to holiness or is it that
we are afraid to see ourselves as one?

Let me speak my thoughts, so that the man who has ears
may listen and be reminded of such a sweet
voice of the one he loves.

Let him who has eyes, peer into the depth of the soul of his beloved,
that he may be struck with wonder and awe!

Let him who has feelings sense her presence by the scent of her perfumed body,
that his mind may be filled with ecstacy.

Let him be filled by wisdom from every word that flows from her gentle lips,
that his heart and mind may be lead to God
who she adores and gives praise.

Young man, do you ever wonder to yourself, "Does she think of me?"
I do, and it never ends.

Is there ever a time you thought of saying to her, te amo?
I do at times think of it,
day and night is how it flows through my mind.

The question I ask for this woman is,
"What would you say to such a man in love with you?
What would you do?"

No man can ever say they never dreamed of this moment before.
To say the words I love you may be hard for such men.
But to such men who have courage to say it,
and perseverance to suffer the consequences,
would deliver words to a beautiful rose as you.

To them, they see you like a dragon,
ready to pounce and devour them with rejection,
fearing the destruction of their own heart.

But men who are courageous to seek such a woman,
would take the challenge as a valiant knight.

They worry not of their own peril,
but dying for a cause with true honor,
to conquer such a great and tender heart as yours.

They never sleep or rest.
They never hunger or thirst.
They wait vigilantly, spending night and day in prayer
When they see such a woman,
they shiver not of fear,
but for great joy that flows from their heart.

Can any woman see a man who truly loves them in this way?
It is not a feeling, nor a force.
It is not confusion, nor infatuation

Oh beloved, can I have this one dance with you?
Can I share that one tear I shed for you?
Can I wish for this one moment to say te amo mi amor

Let the man who hears these words have courage to be LOVE,
and say to that one girl who he has known so long, te amo.

May the woman who hears, taste these words like
they were sweet wine drenched upon her lips.
For this woman knows she bears in her soft hands
the heart of a man in love...


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