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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why Love Mary?

By Amarilys Vélez

When Adam and Eve sinned, against God, they lost the sanctifying grace that God had given to them. God, though, in His infinite love for each and everyone of us, has made it possible for us to once again receive sanctifying grace through His Son made flesh, Jesus Christ. But how?

His Son needed to be born of a woman who would provide the human nature of the redeemer. But, it wasn’t just any woman. It was a fifteen year old young maiden by the name of Mary, who lived with her parents in a village in Nazareth. Mary had vowed her virginity to God, which was under the inspiration of grace, which was part of God's plan for her. When God created the soul of Mary, at the moment of her conception in Anna's womb :her mother), he sheltered her from Original Sin. She was to receive sanctifying grace which had been lost when Adam and Eve sinned. Due to this, she was united with God from that instant. So, why was it that an angel had to appear to her? While still living with her parents, before taking residence with Joseph, an angel appeared to Mary. Since, it was out of free choice that Adam's sin came to the world was to come with the free choice of Mary. God awaited the consent of this young maiden. It was by her own free consent that Mary chose to be the Mother of the Redeemer. Sometimes, our non-catholic friends tend to accuse us of "over-glorifying" Mary. They are willing to call her the Mother of Christ, but that is all. How could Mary be considered just the Mother of Christ?

St. Athanasius said : "If the Son is King, then the Mother who bore Him should be looked upon as a [Queen] and sovereign." St. Bernardine of Sienna adds: "no sooner had Mary consented to be Mother of the Eternal Word, that she merited, by this consent, to have dominion over the whole world and over every creature."

When Mary chose to be the Mother of the Redeemer, it was freely and intimately that she shared in his passion. Mary is acclaimed by the Church, as the Co-Redemptrix of the human race. Is this "over-glorifying?"

Of course not! She was created and chosen by God Himself, to be the Mother of His Son. She provided the human nature of Christ. She cared for him, fed him, clothed him, suffered with him. As a mother myself, I suffer with my children, I hurt when they hurt and rejoice when they rejoice. My children are a part of me. I see myself in them and I also see, in me, my mother. I, like every other human being, owe my life to her. And along with all that I am and all that I know, I owe her my motherhood.

So how much do we owe the Mother of God?


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