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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Unforgettable Kiss

By Juan Rodriguez

What is the Kiss
that brings joy to my heart
the kiss which no man can ever forget;
such a kiss I never dreamed of for in my youth I have never tasted such kisses as glorious as yours.
The kiss that makes man's heart race.
The kiss that confirms his love is true and true.
Never ceasing, never stealing his heart away,
but filling every bone in his body with your pure and warm breath.
No man can run from you,
nor could I,
for when they touch your lips with their own,
it is total ecstacy.
Like the bird who hums through a garden of flowers,
taking from each flower, the sweetness of the nectar within,
Such are your lips
that bear unending sweetness.
Let your lips be like rain droplets on my face.
Let it be like the gentle breeze on a sunny day.
I dream of that day to come,
for the Unforgettable Kiss.


Anonymous Elaine Schenk said...

The Unforgettable Kiss--What an experience, no? You have to read Fernando Rielo's book, A Dialogue with Three Voices. He describes the Kiss he received from his Heavenly Father at the instant of his conception, before he even had a brain. That Kiss marked his whole existence.

11:25 PM  

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