I Love The Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who Lives Within Me, Now and Forever. Amen

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fallen Not Forgotten

By Michele L. Godinez

Beckoning Saints
Face the Peace
of You Father

Come to the Pinnacle
Rest in the arms
of God

Fallen martyrs
Entwine in the Spirit
Castles of brilliance

He awaits you
Those before await you
Gates brighter than any sun

Crowns of gems
Glittering benevolence
From the One Savior of all

All for you
Fallen soldiers
Fallen Peacemakers

Fallen children of innocence
Find your own peace Within His Perfection

Left to mourn
Sadness perpetuates
Remember the greatness

Unify our minds
Great King, lifted up to You
Beseeching on knees

Bind our wounds
They will not be forgotten
Fallen Saints we remember

Through God
Through His Holy Presence
Through infinity

Build our faith
Build our Solidarity
Rebuild our Trust

Our Country, every Nation
Our souls, every creed
Our world, every human

God bless us all


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