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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Child, A Priest, and Lucifer

by Arthur Tsui Of Transfiguration Church In Manhattan

Once upon a time, a child cries out to the Lord in church.
Where he looked for answers, because he was in search.
The child was left with unanswered fears,
as he cried out to the Lord with tears.
"I heard that you are my Lord, but who am I?
I heard that I'm your servant, can you tell me why?
You are our savior are you not?
But how did you save us, I forgot..."
As soon as he heard the child, Lucifer rose from below,
listening to the child without letting him know.
He approached the child with his wickedness,
speaking to the child with his sickness.
"If you are his servant, that makes you his slave.
He is not your God, the one who saves!
Why should you give your life for a man you don't even know?
Can you prove he even exists, is there any proof you can show?"
As those words were spoken,
a mysterious man came out of the open.
It was a priest who carried a book,
encouraging the child to take a look.
He said it was a bible that he loved and read,
It contains the word of God, those that God said.
"Jesus is the risen Lord who rose from the dead,
where he was nailed to the cross as his blood shed.
He died for our sins, believe it, it's true!
He did it because he loved each one of us, including you.
The priest told the child to never stop believing,
to open your heart to God's Love by receiving.
He showers us with his love day after day,
as he does it in his own mysterious way."
The priest then turned to Lucifer without a fright,
he pulled out his cross as he was ready to fight.
"Banish Evil Angel, the one who sins,
do not spread your hate to God's kin's.
For God's Love is more powerful than your hate,
as he waits for this child at Heaven's gate."
After those words Lucifer crawled back to his place of dwelling,
giving one last message to the child as he was telling:
"Always sin and Never repent!
Never believe he is whom God sent!
Always know that hate is purity,
So you can be with me for all eternity!"
As soon as Lucifer left the sacred ground,
The priest responded with his voice of an angelic sound.
"Do not sin and Always repent.
He is the forgiving Lord that God sent!
Hate is not, but Love is purity,
Never forget that God will love you for all eternity."


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